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Interview Transcription - It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Interview Transcription - It's Not as Difficult as You Think

By: Kevin

16 Jul 2020

The transcription services of interviews are considered a key process for converting the verbal share of research, interviews, and conversation among focus groups. In general, this type of service tends to work on the recorded format of the questions and answers of the interviewee and interviewer and transcribes that in a precise and clear text format. Transcription services are said to have their companies designed to convert speeches, even though they are recorded audio or video, they transcribe them into written text or electronic documents. Interview transcription refers to the process of transferring contents to a written text from a video or audio file. Transcription follows the recording of a research interview with the interviewee. This process takes the transcriber’s time, concentration, and commitment to success. Several interview transcription services help to make this method simple and efficient.

Interview transcription is usually affordable to everyone, whether it is an individual interview or a focus group discussion. However, other considerations may make the recording of the interview very expensive. These factors vary from the consistency of the recording to the time available for the transcription. The decision to reduce the cost of interview transcripts starts well before the interview is recorded. Time and money are crucial factors here. To be aware of the time has to be carefully prepared before the actual interview. Make sure you have a preliminary schedule with a chosen transcriber described and agreed upon. Make the recorded interview available soon after recording it to the transcriber. Furthermore, permission from the interviewee before the correct day to prevent delays caused by approval issues after the recording has been done. Note that it will take one day for the late processing of the documents to be transcribed to be finished. This will probably cost you 2 or 3 times 4-5 days. It may also jeopardize the quality of the work done at an early stage. Therefore, record the interview and immediately send all the required materials to the transcriber saving costs.

You must have the transcription process in your mind while recording the interview. This is important for the interpretation of the documented focus group discussion. This is so the various speakers must be marked. In this case, it is convenient to mark the speaker by using numbers such as 'speaker 1' or letters such as 'speaker A.' this makes you conveniently identify the different speakers and also reduce the usual rate for the transcriptionist. The text depends entirely on the format typically used in analog text or digital text formats. Analogs are rarely used today, apart from the few developing countries, because few affordable typing machines are available. On the other hand, digital text formats include HTML output, RTF files, PDF files, MS Word documents, etc. These documents are perfectly helpful for many of their future use with 100 % accuracy and clarity.

The transcript of the interview is specifically related to the nature or quality of the recording. This depends on the recording hardware, since one may use analog cassettes or video storage tools. In this case, the transcript from analog audio devices such as tapes will probably take more time, compared with digital ones compatible with other digital tools, with the possibility of compromised quality. Furthermore, the accuracy of the recording defines the transcription standard. When there is noise in the context, it’s very hard to extract the information need to produce good quality transcripts. The quality of the audio recorded determines the transcription cost. When the audio quality is poor, the transcriber finds it difficult to capture all of its important words, especially in verbal transcriptions. You may be charged twice the normal rate in this case. Make sure you have the right equipment to record the interview and have a location without a background noise while avoiding interruptions. Ensure you also have an external microphone to avoid unclear voice problems from the interviewee by loudly directing it. This plays an important role in reducing the transcription cost of the interview.

Besides the basic section of the transformation into the text of the verbal recorded part, the import procedure is known as "proofreading," a major part of the transcription service of the interview. In this procedure, the text document is said to be subjected to numerous checks by a transcriber. There are missing punctuations, grammar, slang languages, capitalization, spelling errors, and listening errors. These tests are extensively and diligently carried out by specialists and language experts working for a professional interview transcription services to guarantee 100% precision and transparency. When the documentary material has been transcribed, the file is securely transferred to the owner.

The purpose of the interview transcript determines the transcript style. Many people are asking for identical spelling, ensuring that-um, ah and other meaningless terms and sentences, etc. are always transcribed. The other way to transcribe the interview is the intelligent wording in which everything is written out, leaving foreign words and phrases and “umm” and “ahh”. Transcribers will also hope to correct grammar and to change language at times. The transcription style of the interview is implied by the person applying for the transcription service. So carefully choose the style of the transcription that’s appropriate for the type of interview you have recorded for future references.

Interview transcription services are beneficial and effective for many fields like online video outlets, conferences, government agencies, TV networks, research-based writers, freelancers, news media companies, private organizations, and others. The transcribed text notes are readily accessible, straightforward relative to listening to the whole conversation. Text transcripts are still quick and simple when you choose to post them on the internet. This measures the most favorable criteria for uploading RSS feeds, articles, communities, pages, and forums. When it comes to SEO, sophisticated search engine robots strongly index and far better grasp text type. It supports blog and podcast owners with SERP’s keyword definition rating higher. It is quick to locate the transcript segment on the blog site and the podcast.