How it Works


Upload Audio/Video

Effortlessly transcribe your files with our reliable services on the cloud. Just drag and drop your file into our online uploader. You can also place your orders directly from Dropbox or Google drive. We accept multiple formats for your convenience.


Transcription Process

Our professional human transcribers will process your audio or Video content and convert them into transcripts in your requested format. With multi-level transcription quality control process we ensure to deliver the transcripts with utmost accuracy.


Receive Your Transcript

Receive an email alert to your registered email address once the transcript is completed. You can log-in to your account using our secured website to access and download all your completed transcripts.



99% Accuracy

At Transcription Hub, All our transcription projects are handled by professional human transcribers to ensure 99% accuracy.

Multiple Speakers

Your audio/video files may contain multiple speakers in it. At Transcription hub, there is no additional cost for multiple speakers in your audio/video files.

Multiple Audio/Video Formats

We accept several file formats. AIF, AIFF, AMR, AVI, DSS, DVD, DVF, FLV, M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MSV, QTFF, RM, WAV, WMV, VOB, TRM, DS2 and many more.

Specialized Terminology

Our team of professional transcribers has extensive experience in multiple fields including academic, insurance, medical, market research, legal etc. So, our terminology management glossary covers all of your industry-specific terms.


Our professional transcriptionists will convert your files into verbatim transcripts and there is no additional cost for verbatim transcription.


All your audio/video files will be protected from unauthorized access. The transcription hub is committed to signing an NDA to provide safe and secure transcription services.

Our Transcription Services:

  • Board Meetings and Conferences
  • Consumer Forums and Corporate Report
  • Focus Group and General Meetings
  • Media and Market Research
  • Panel Discussions and Technical Reports
  • Medical Reports, Evaluations and More

Who Benefits From Our Services:

  • Content Publisher
  • Media Industry
  • Corporate & Non-Profits
  • Medical Professionals
  • Researchers
  • Lawyers, Insurers, and More

Why Transcription Hub?

Human Accuracy

At Transcription Hub, all our transcription projects are handled by professional human transcribers. We specialize in transcription services for academic, legal professions, healthcare, media, government, businesses, and more delivering 99% accuracy on the transcripts.

Fast Turn-Around Time

No matter your business or area of expertise, Transcription Hub provides fast, accurate transcripts of meetings, conferences, interviews, videos, and much more. Your transcription project can be completed and returned to you faster and accurate than ever before.

Reliable & Self-Service

Compliant, discreet, and professional, working with Transcription Hub is as easy as dragging and dropping your file into our online uploader and waiting for delivery. We provide our reliable services on the cloud to transcribe your audio/video files effortlessly.

Highly Secured

The Transcription Hub is committed to signing an NDA to provide safe and secure transcription services which protects your privacy of your audio/video content.

100% Human Generated, Transcription Service