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Board Meeting Transcription

Information today plays a pivotal role, especially when it comes to the decision making process.

An organization holds board meetings for the members of a board of directors to meet, discuss and make decisions regarding the company's future; such as financial performance, growth strategies, current operations, future requirements and other underlying issues. Transcription services at board meetings are invaluable and essential for achieving goals and maximum efficiency. It is very important to keep record of each and every word that is spoken.

Transcription Hub allows you to make more efficient use of the personnel you have for a minimal investment. This increases productivity and lowers your costs. In addition, you speed up turnaround time on dictated documents while assuring continued coverage.

Why Are Board Meeting Transcription Services Necessary?

Board meetings are where the decisions are made. Smaller companies may only have a board meeting quarterly or even once per year. Larger corporations however, are likely to gather the board of directors together at least once per month, or whenever policies need to be discussed or issues resolved. But irrespective of how often you hold board meetings, it is important that accurate records of the proceedings are maintained.

A board of directors provides the company with direction and advice. It is their responsibility to ensure that the company fulfills its mission statement and in doing so, it will frequently set the company's overall policy objectives. For these reasons, Transcription Hub is an ideal transcription partner. Our combination of speed, accuracy and price is unbeatable.

At Transcription Hub, we convert all of your recorded interviews, meeting, and panel discussions to text. They can just record your content in audio/video format and have it transcribed to text.

We are here to take the drudgery out of the whole process by converting your recordings to text with transcription services.

  • We offer affordable services that will meet all of your requirements.
  • We can assure you of accurate and precise transcripts for all your board meetings.
  • We analyze the content and perform a thorough quality check and provide you with 100% quality transcripts.

There are a number of benefits to preparing a full transcription of a board meeting as opposed to simply recording the main points in minutes of the meeting. Detailed transcriptions are an accurate account of the entire meeting. If difficult decisions are being made it will be helpful to maintain a detailed record of what was said in case of a subsequent disagreement.

You may also find that recording the board meeting means that everyone present remains on topic and the meeting does not descend into a shouting match. Lastly, when there are a large number of people present, recording and subsequently transcribing the meeting will ensure that nothing of importance is missed.

It isnít always easy to transcribe board meetings when there is a lot of extraneous background noise. So instead of using an in-house employee to try to make sense of what has been said, contact Transcription Hub.