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Focus Group Transcription

Focus groups are a market research tool. In a focus group, a group of people is gathered to discuss a product or service. The participants are usually shown a product or marketing materials and they are asked to voice their impressions. It is a fast and interactive way to test a segment of the market. Most market researchers find that a focus group with 8-12 participants yield useful data.

At Transcription Hub , we are here to help you do the accurate conversion of your audio/video recordings of focus groups into text.

Why Are They Important?

Focus Groups are important for research and feedback. As there are many people involved, it is easier to record the process and later convert to text. This also makes it possible to have a highly accurate version of what exactly took place.

  • Give information on how groups of people think or feel about a particular topic.
  • Give greater insight into why certain opinions are held.
  • Help improve the planning and design of new services or products.
  • Provide a means of evaluating existing services.
  • Produce insights for developing strategies for outreach.

Because the idea of focus groups is to take advantage of group interactions, it is important to use the information at the group level, not the individual level. Focus groups are not a valid way to find out how much progress an individual client or participant has made toward his or her own goals. Also, because focus groups are usually made up of a very small number of people who voluntarily participate, you cannot assume that their views and perceptions represent those of other groups that might have slightly different characteristics. They are not "random samples".

It isn't always easy to transcribe when there is a lot of extraneous background noise. So instead of using an in-house employee to try to make sense of what has been said, contact Transcription Hub for focus group transcription services.