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Case Study: Healthcare / Patient Experience Survey Transcription Service

Case Study: Healthcare / Patient Experience Survey Transcription Service


Health Care Company is responsible to collect the feedback data and opinions from all the treated patients. This is often a process of calling the patients individually with a set of questions to review the services offered and rate the overall patient experience throughout treatments. Thisoften requires asheer amount of paperwork that accompanies each patient as well as the security that digital files provided for medical records to be stored electronically.The length of each audio file was different, ranging from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. They require transcripts ina short turnaround time. A large number of files are to be transcribed each day. Upload format was to be very specific. Stringent rules to be followed in the transcript while transcribing.

The feedback of every patient is valuable and detailed data that express the opinions of a patient based on the treatment experience. All the data in the call has to be extracted and analyzed to offer the medical service more efficiently and redefine the process that requires more enhancements. There are various types of feedback received from the patients and some feedbacks from the dissatisfied patients requires immediate attention to prevent legal actions from the patient side. All the data from the recorded calls have to be analyzed constantly to derive the risk cases from the feedback data and initiate an appropriate action to resolve the issue related to it.

Medical service feedback data from patients carry tremendous importance. They provide insightsfrom patients feedbacks, Ensuring consistent and proper care is delivered across by entire medical staff to all the patients as per their requirements and protecting healthcare providers from lawsuits and legal battles, there’s considerable responsibility given to medical transcriptionists to transcribe the feedback call recordings accurately while compiling with all the rules and regulations for each type of document as set out by the clinic/hospital, by the specific doctor as well as AHDI should be remembered.

The greatest challenge of the project was to meet the turnaround time expectation. Everyday Health Care Company will send us 500 to 1000 audio files and the transcripts to be delivered in a single .txt file within 2 business days.


Considering the specifics of the deliverables, we decided to execute this project on the On-site and Offshore basis. We had a set of experts in our offshore delivery center who had prior experience in working on such audio transcription projects within quick turnaround time.
Our pricing structure is true to character and accuracy. It is of utmost importance that medical transcription is correct. Small mistakes in medical transcription are costly, especially with recent changes in state and federal laws. The recent Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have put stricter guidelines on the industry.

The key features of our transcription service with regards to this project were:

  • A turnaround time of fewer than 48 hours, as desired by the customer.
  • Our team of professional transcriptionists has Extensive knowledge of medical terminology to include anatomy, physiology, diseases.
  • Excellent command over language skills such as spelling and grammar, punctuation, capitalization rules, etc.
  • Thorough knowledge of templates and other formatting instructions for every type of medical transcript be it a consult note, a follow-up, a pre-surgical note, operative note, an admission note, a discharge summary, history and physical, radiology report, pathology report, laboratory report, an emergency visit report, or an autopsy report, etc.
  • High accuracy levels were maintained including adhering to customer specifics set out for this particular client.
  • Top-quality work was delivered compiling with all the medical requirement standards.
  • High-quality accurate transcripts with zero complaints from the customer.
  • Competitive rates for huge cost savings.

Transcription Hub has managed to meet the desired turnaround time without compromising on the high accuracy level promised to the customer.


The key benefits that Health Care Companyderived from our services were:

  • Obtain actionable insights from the feedback data of the recorded calls and give more priority to resolve the issues with the most risk cases.
  • Complying with all the standard formats required, Such as association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Increased productivity with highly accurate transcripts and delivered with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Efficient distribution of transcription workload.
  • Greatly improved turnaround times withExpress service are available with turnaround times as short as 24 hours.
  • Saved precious time on re-work due to high accuracy and significant cost benefits due to competitive rates.


Transcription Hub offers professional medical transcription services with a specialized team with the necessary knowledge of medical terminology as well as rules and regulations regarding HIPPA compliance and other medical transcription requisites to help you with your medical transcription needs. Patient records provide the basis for referrals and insurance claims. Therefore, all medical records need to be error-free and reliable.

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