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Tips To Know About Insurance Transcription & How It Helps For Filing Insurance Claim

Tips To Know About Insurance Transcription & How It Helps For Filing Insurance Claim

By: Kevin

18 Mar 2022

Fraud is one of the major challenges that insurance companies deal with regularly. Your firm can lose millions of dollars in fraudulent claims when not checked. It is important to put measures to detect fraudulent claims or activities early on to avoid losses.

Reliable and accurate recording of statements is one of the key ways of curbing claims fraud. You can hire a transcription service provider to accurately and efficiently transcribe recorded reports in the required format. The transcripts of the recorded statements will play a critical role in helping you detect fraudulent claims.

Transcribed recorded statements help adjusters save time with their cases. Normally, an adjuster would need to listen to an audio recording when reviewing a case. This can be quite cumbersome. Listening to an audio recording will mean constantly rewinding, pausing, or forwarding the content to get the information you need.

The insurance industry is one where many fraudulent activities occur. One of the most important methods for detecting any fraudulent activity is a dependable and accurate recorded statement.

Tips to use Professional Insurance Transcription Services ?

Compensation and insurance claims often deal with sensitive information. Therefore, a client shouldn't hire an inexpensive yet unreliable insurance transcribing service to save some extra money.

All insurance claim documentation is legally binding. To avoid even the tiniest inaccuracy that could hinder any insurance claims, high-quality Insurance transcription services are required. For this reason, claimants and insurance companies should only entrust their insurance claims transcription to a transcription business with a successful track record of providing accurate, timely, and intelligible transcripts.

● For arbitration files

Keeping transcripts of recorded statements for arbitration files is beneficial. Transcription of recorded words can aid in the easy detection of any indications of fraud. Transcripts of recorded statements can come in handy, and they can even help you win a case.

It can assist adjusters in proving whether or not any wrongdoing occurred. The claim handler can compare each statement and discover any unknown differences using the transcribed papers. If a case goes to court, the transcripts can be used to prove evidence, reduce losses, and prevent fraud from occurring again.

● Useful for adjusters

Adjusters find that transcribing recorded statements saves them time. The adjusters can use the transcripts to refer back to the case and understand even the minutest details.

● Enables easy file transfer between departments

Insurance claims must be distributed to multiple departments and adjusters. The files can be moved between departments by transcribing the recorded statements into accurate digital transcripts.

● Data Security and Confidentiality

Maintaining data security and confidentiality is another incentive to utilize expert and reliable insurance transcribing services. They assist insurance businesses in operating more efficiently by alleviating the strain of compiling thorough documentation for insurance claims. Only entrust your documents to a transcription provider who can ensure privacy and sign a non-disclosure agreement. Your personal information and other critical credentials are thus safeguarded at all times.

● Helps in Arbitration Cases

Transcripts of recorded statements come in handy during arbitration cases when audio recordings are not allowed. You may opt to take a case to Arbitration Forums to save time and money.

However, since audio recordings are not allowed in the forums, how will you provide evidence for your case? You can use transcripts of the recorded statements to back up your assertions.

● Have a Complete File

Insurance companies need to maintain a complete file of claims. All recorded statements can be transcribed verbatim for adjusters to have a full claim file that they can easily access for reference or verification.

For complex cases handled by multiple departments, the parties involved should have a complete file of the cases to make accurate decisions on the way forward. You can distribute digital transcripts of recorded statements among the concerned parties to save time.

● End Fraudulent Activities

Transcripts of recorded statements can help adjusters uncover fraudulent claims and stop them early on. Claim handlers can compare reports to find out discrepancies. This can save the company hundreds of thousands of potential monetary losses. The transcripts can also be used as evidence if a matter goes to trial.

Benefits of choosing as your service provider

● Accuracy - 99% Quality Guaranteed.
● Support various dictation capture options- Telephone, digital recorder, smartphone app, and third-party dictation systems.
● Highly Secure & Confidential- HIPAA, SSL, NDA, Governance etc.
● 100% Human Transcription- Transcribers with 5+ years of experience in Insurance Transcription

We specialize in managing, tracking, and transcribing all insurance-related audio in a secure online environment. We process tens of thousands of pages of recorded statements each month for our clients. Our specialization includes providing a scalable and customized solution to our prestigious clients, tailored based on their needs.

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