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Speed Or Accuracy: Which Is More Important In Transcription Services?

Speed Or Accuracy: Which Is More Important In Transcription Services?

By: Kevin

8 Jun 2022

Transcription can be a lifesaver to any industry that relies on communication, direction, and collaboration. Transcription is where a conversation, meeting, presentation, or any other kind of verbal communication is recorded through video or audio, and then the information spoken is written on paper. Whether it’s word-for-word or with some corrections and inaccuracies depends on the service’s transcription speed and accuracy. We offer several transcription services, such as automated transcription, which prioritizes time, and human transcription, which prioritizes accuracy.

Some clients have a short timetable and need a transcription immediately, depending on the situation. Not having the information required for a project can lead to its complete failure. In these instances, the project leaders and participants know to look for and check for any inaccuracies, though inaccuracies aren’t guaranteed. Quality audio or video file with one speaker has a near 99% accuracy with our human transcription. Files with two speakers guarantee a 75% or higher accuracy rating, and files with a group of speakers have a 65% or higher accuracy rating.

But sometimes, time isn’t as much of a factor as accuracy is. The transcription service needs to take its time and make sure the document is accurately transcribed, or at least the way the client wants. This may be because there are specifics within the file they need, rather than the overall piece itself. In these cases, we recommend our clients use our human transcription services. This service promises a minimum of 99% accuracy unless something is substantially erroneous about the file.

Reasons Why Transcription Speed is More Important

There are certain situations where time is more important than accuracy. In these situations, those using a transcription are looking for the outline of what was said. The document acts as a timeline, and the specifics can be filled in or interpreted. These situations would put transcription speed higher than accuracy in terms of importance.

Education, Research Interviews, and Dissertations

Professional Academic transcription services are gradually becoming quite popular in different colleges, universities, and other academic institutions globally. Proper and accurate professional academic transcription services can be highly beneficial for college students or other educational aspirants to become better learners. Different educational institutions now understand the need to outsource professional academic transcription solutions for their students.

Colleges and Research Institutions, Classrooms, and lecture halls discuss information that’s already been written down. Transcriptions outline everything discussed for students and teachers to use to study and improve in the class. A transcript needs to be completed quickly so the students can use it to study that day and for teachers to revise their plans.

Transcription is vital for qualitative research because it: Puts qualitative data and information into a text-based format. Makes data easier to analyze and share. Allows researchers to become more immersed in the data they collect.

With high accuracy rating, a transcript of one teacher speaking should have little issue capturing finer details said during class.

Dissertation Transcription Services

Professional academic transcription services at different universities worldwide help their students transcribe the audio recordings of interviews, seminars, webinars, various focus groups, and many others. Our dissertation transcribers help our clients achieve their academic goals with accurate and super-fast thesis transcription services.

Lecture Transcription Services

Lecture transcription services help students improve their degree transcripts by performing well in the exams. Different universities, high schools, colleges, and other educational centers connect with us for accurate lecture transcription services.

Academic Interview and Presentations Transcription Services

Academic Interview and Presentations Transcription Services offers comprehensive and errorless transcription solutions to their clients' academic presentations. Our services help students understand the basic concept and ideas described in the presentation to implement them in their careers appropriately.


Some of the most entertaining and attention-grabbing mediums are videos and podcasts. The significant weakness they have is that they don’t have strong on-site SEO. There’s no text for Google to search for, understand, and rank with videos and audio. You can use automated transcription to add some text to the page and garner strong SEO for the site overall. This will allow you to post it along with the content as soon as possible.

This kind of multimedia content takes time to make and normally comes out on a schedule. Many schedules can’t make time to transcribe with human transcription, so they can put it through our automated transcription the moment the file is ready.

Reasons Why Transcription Accuracy is More Important

There are several industries where more often than not, transcription accuracy is not just important but critical. For other industries, inaccuracies are not something that can be accounted for or worked around. The specifics are key to success, and there is no room for guesswork, or the project is doomed.


In the worst situations, a mistranscription can result in the loss of someone’s life. If something goes wrong in the medical industry, a patient can be permanently affected for the rest of their life. For this reason, medical transcription almost always uses human transcription.

Corporate Business

While there are some instances where a transcription doesn’t need to be as accurate as possible, accuracy is usually most important. During business meetings with investors, the Board, and team leaders, knowing the business’s exact strategy is key to success. In just as many instances, this information is also key to understanding the cause of failure.

Scientific Research

Scientific research can be anything from discovering objects in space to the movement of the tectonic plates to what harmless bacteria live in your mouth. This makes accuracy paramount. The wrong information can lead to ill-conceived hypotheses that waste time and money. This can lead to well-conceived hypotheses being shut down because of misunderstanding what someone said or didn’t say.


Contact for a Range of Transcription Services

Everyone has different needs. To meet those needs, we offer multiple transcription services with different strengths. When you’re in a bind and need to decide how to transcribe your file, we’re here to help. Our experts can recommend which option is best for you to have the transcripts you need.

Just a few percentage points of inaccuracy can be detrimental to the overall integrity of a transcript.

At we deliver clean-read transcripts that preserve the meaning of every single sentence. Although the omission of non-critical speech utterances isn’t a direct lift of the audio, the cleaned-up transcript still captures all of the intended meaning of the content and ends up conveying the message more clearly to the reader.

At we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to provide an accurate output. Our process involves human transcription, human editing, and multiple levels of human quality review to deliver a guaranteed 99% accuracy rate so that you never have to wonder if your message is being misdelivered.